21 Jul
Senior Project Manager (Diego Garcia)
West Virginia, Morgantown

Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean
Operations Manager
Provide overall project management to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget while incorporating company policies and standards. May oversee and/or have responsibility for management of multiple projects. Establish and maintain good working relationships and communications with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, co-workers and management. Perform all work in a safe and professional manner.
A. Project Planning

Develop a thorough understanding of the entire scope of work including contracts, plans, specifications, schedule, budget, logistics, labor, materials, equipment, submittal requirements, quality control, Rental/licensing requirements, required permits, safety, and other project requirements. Identify areas of potential savings and possible trouble areas.

Oversee and actively coordinate design processes with Architectural and Engineering firms as necessary to ensure final designs align with costs and schedule objectives established in the cost estimate while satisfying contract requirements.

Review the cost estimate detail to gain a thorough understanding of costs, productivity rates, resource requirements, suppliers, and estimating methodology.

Review cost codes structure to ensure adequate understanding to control costs throughout the project.

Develop and maintain the Project Management Plan for execution of the work.

Assist PMC in creating Primavera Project Planner baseline schedules.

Review and finalize the Risk Management Plan.

Review and finalize the Procurement Plan.

Review and finalize the Cost Control Plan.

Review and finalize the Human Resources Plan.

Perform detailed material takeoffs and oversee buy out is within project budget.

Schedule and conduct Project Handoff Meetings including the Superintendents, QC, Safety, Construction Services, Scheduling, and other parties involved as necessary to coordinate the work.

Identify required construction equipment resources and arrange for coordination of existing resources to achieve project goals.

Where necessary, arrange for the rental or purchase of additional equipment to perform the work. Justify equipment purchased verses manpower savings where appropriate for purchase of new equipment.

Coordinate with Construction Services and Accounting Departments.

Assist Estimating and PMC in development of cost and technical proposals for change orders.

Ensure all cost proposals are estimated utilizing WinEstimator and are accompanied by a Primavera Project Planner CPM schedule.

B. Project Execution

Direct, manage, and implement project execution plan for one or more projects.

Acquire, develop, and manage the project team, which may include Project Manager(s) assigned to individual projects/task orders, based on manpower requirements and required qualifications and skills.

Issue and approve all purchase orders, purchase agreements and subcontracts. Coordinate with the Procurement and Accounting Departments as to what materials will be purchased in the field.

Prepare and submit payroll information as required.

Work with home office personnel to ensure required records and information is provided in a timely and effective manner.

Actively promote and aid in the support of San Juan Constructions policies and procedures. Work to improve policies and procedures where applicable.

Coordinate the preparation and submission of all submittals. Expedite the approval process.

Review and approve all shop drawings.

Utilize Contract Manager for documentation of project records and data.

Implement Communication Plan.

Implement Procurement Plan.

Coordinate and participate in meetings required by customer and home office.

C. Monitoring and Controlling Project Work

Verify work performed is within project scope.

Implement Cost Management Plan to ensure project is proceeding on our under budget.

Prepare current estimate, cost to complete, and revenue/expenditure projections.

Monitor and control Man-hour production rates on a weekly basis to control labor costs.

Review all related Job Cost Reports on a regular basis to control overall job costs.

Maintain Primavera project schedule weekly and revise as necessary to reflect an accurate projection of work yet to be performed.

Review daily reports and assure they are maintained in contract manager and QCS as required.

Review project progress and maintain project photos of all work performed.

Coordinate Integrated Change Management for all change orders/modifications. Maintain log of all change orders and change conditions of the work. Notify Estimating, PMC, and Accounting of all pending and approved change orders. All estimates will be performed utilizing WinEst. Negotiate a satisfactory price and schedule with the Owners Representative.

Promptly manage and communicate to Corporate Office any significant problems or issues that arise during the project.

Identify and assure implementation of project safety plan and QC plan.

Implement site requirements for the Records Management Plan.

Coordinate efforts with Construction Services in the preparation of submittals and material procurement.

Monitor and control Risk.

Complete all Performance Reporting requirements in a timely and effective manner.

Provide timely Primavera Project Planner schedule performance information to PMC for pay requests preparation. Negotiate acceptance of pay request with Owner s Representative.

Maintain familiarity with the responsibilities associated with other managerial personnel positions such as Superintendents, QC, Suppliers, Safety, and Subcontractors and comply with Corporate Policies and Procedures.

D. Project Closeout

Ensure all project objectives where achieved.

Prepare and submit all close-out data required by the contract including as-built drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, reports, and other required documentation.

Ensure all required documentation requested by the home office is provided in a complete and timely manner.

Conduct an analysis of all cost codes and man-hour production rates. Document explanation of variances. Prepare variance reports of the findings for presentation during the Post Job Review.

Schedule and coordinate Post Job Review.

Release project resources.

Other duties as assigned
Job Requirements:

Bachelor s degree from accredited university or college with a major in engineering, architecture, or related technical field

Minimum of 5 years experience managing and supervising projects of similar size and scope.

Experience with Fuel Tank Farms preferred.

Experience managing federal contract projects and extensive experience performing work for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Must be able to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee and project performance. Through understanding and adoption of corporate and industry practices, processes, standards, etc. and their impact on project activities is vital.

Superior communication and interpersonal (tack, diplomacy, influence, etc.) skills is essential.
Must be business oriented person. Workers should be able to: Plan, direct, and coordinate an entire activity or the activities of others; Evaluate information and analyze problems logically to develop solutions; Express ideas to others clearly; Work independently under pressure; Make decisions based on personal judgment; Perform a variety of duties that may change often.
Physically, workers must be able to hear and see well (either naturally or with correction); Speak clearly; Sit for long periods of time; walk on uneven surfaces or climb on things and maintain balance.
The above document is a job description, which covers the principal duties and responsibilities of the job. The description shall not, however, be construed as a complete listing of all miscellaneous, incidental or similar duties which may be required from day to day.
This job description does not: (1) alter any employee's at-will employment relationship with San Juan Construction, Inc.; (2) give rise to contractual rights; or (3) give rise to an enforceable commitment. San Juan Construction, Inc. reserves the right to alter or amend this job description at any time and without prior notice to its employees.

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