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01 Aug
Employee Health Registered Nurse

The Employee Health Nurse will play a key role in administering the health services program for employees of Wyoming Medical Center (WMC). He/she will promote health and safety to all employees through responsibilities that will include (but are not limited to) conducting new employee health screenings, maintaining employee health records, conducting immunization programs, promoting wellness initiatives, responding to employee injury or illness on the job, and preparing statistical reports.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The employee shall comply with all safety and health standards, and all rules, regulations, and orders which are applicable to the individual's own position, actions, and conduct.

  • Performs duties and responsibilities within the scope of a Registered Professional Nurse as defined by the Wyoming Nurse Practice Act, Wyoming Medical Center policies and procedures, and the Registered Nurse job description.

  • Demonstrates superb communication skills in providing employee health services and as part of the Employee Health team.

  • Conducts and documents health screenings for new employees, including vaccinations, TB skin tests, vision tests, respiratory fit testing, and any other assessments required for each new employee's position.

  • Performs triage and responds appropriately in cases where employees are injured or become ill at work. As necessary, follows up with documentation and/or interventions to ensure the employee receives appropriate care and support.

  • Works with the Leave Assistant and with other Employee Services staff to manage and document Workers' Compensation and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) processes for employees, including the Return to Work program.

  • With other Employee Health staff, plans, conducts, and reports on annual influenza vaccination campaigns and when necessary other health campaigns.

  • Plans and conducts regular CAPR per the respiratory policy for all employees whose jobs require it.

  • Serves as a resource for employees and managers of all departments on issues related to employee health, safety, and wellness.

  • Collects blood, saliva, and urine samples as required.

  • Performs nursing assessments for employee health patients, including but not limited to temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, height, weight, and visual acuity.

  • When initial nursing assessment indicates, appropriately consults with and/or refers employee health patients to health care providers.

  • Arranges for further diagnostic screening when necessary for positive TB skin test.

  • Provides case management of injured employees, including records of treatment, preparation of accident reports and forms, and documentation of follow up.

  • Assists employees by assessing and treating minor wounds.

  • Works closely with the Employee Health Nurse Practioner on clinical issues that arise.

  • Works with other Employee Health staff and other WMC professionals to develop, plan, and implement employee programs such as but not limited to, health education, accident prevention, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, stress management, and employee assistance. Assists in educating employees about these services/programs.

  • Works with other Employee Health staff to maintain adequate supplies of all materials and equipment for the smooth functioning of Employee Health services. Works with Materials Management and Pharmacy staff as necessary to procure supplies and equipment, including any needed testing/trialing of new items.

  • Works with other Employee Services staff and with managers/supervisors as necessary to appropriately report and/or document any employee who fails to comply with Employee Health policies.

  • Participates in education, research, and performance improvement activities to enhance personal qualifications and departmental standards of performance, and to contribute to organizational goals.

  • Plays a lead role, along with other assigned staff, in overseeing implementation of WMC's minimal lift policy, including education, utilization of Diligent equipment/techniques, and supporting the Transfer Mobility Coaches.

  • May transition or assist in clinical duties within other departments as needed.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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